Education - Overview

ORCA is focused on providing the public with the base knowledge and skills needed to understand the complexity of the challenges our ocean planet is facing and help us in our efforts to find solutions. Many of our programs provide opportunities for students to work side by side with our scientists in the field and in our lab to conduct real world science. Our educational projects include the following programs:

  • The Living Lagoon, a hands-on program for K-12 students in Indian River County to work with ORCA scientists to grow and propagate coastal vegetation at school yard nurseries for habitat restoration projects along the Indian River Lagoon.

  • Kilroy Academy, a free online STEAM education program funded in part by Indian River Impact 100 which teaches today’s youth the knowledge and skills they need to help save Planet Ocean.

  • Save the Water Babies, a project funded by Indian River Impact 100 designed to give students a real world science and education experience.

  • COSEE, a national network of regional centers that integrates ocean science research and education in order to advance public understanding of the ocean.





"ORCA’s Kilroy is
brilliant. The whole concept of a low-cost monitoring network is critical for understanding the ocean so we can better protect it.
- Sylvia Earle, Ph.D.
National Geographic


More oil reaches the oceans each year as a result of leaking automobiles and other non-point sources than was spilled in Prince William Sound by the Exxon Valdez.

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