Kilroy Deployment
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1 Palm City Bridge 10 Vero Shores 19 Eau Gallie River
2 C 23 11 Main Relief Canal 20 Grand Canal N
3 North Fork 12 Grand Harbor 21 Sykes Creek
4 Willoughby Creek 13 Pine Island 22 Barge Canal
5 Sewell’s Point 14 Sebastian River 23 Addison Creek
6 Moore’s Creek 15 C 53 24 Banana Creek W
7 Taylor Creek 16 Goat Creek 25 Turnbull Creek
8 Queen’s Cove 17 Turkey Creek    
9 Queen’s Cove N 18 Crane Creek    


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Project Planning Document and Work Plan - State of Florida DEP

Please note: all locations are approximate and will be corrected or verified once deployment is completed.




Live Kilroy Data
View live, realtime Kilroy data and meterorological data from the Ft. Pierce Inlet, FL.
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"Deployment of ORCA's Kilroys in the Indian River Lagoon will be a huge step forward for improvement and restoration efforts as well as the quality of life for area residents."
-George Jones, Former Indian Riverkeeper


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